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Examples and explanation of point spread, from -1 to +15 spreads

If there is a point spread number you wish to know what it means, we have compiled examples of the most common point spread numbers, from -1 to +15.

 We already covered the point spread at another sports betting guide of ours, but it appears people often look for an explanation of point spread numbers they have seen posted, whether at the online sportsbooks or at the Vegas bookmakers, and wish to find out exactly what that number means. For example, many people want to know what "+5 spread means", instead of how the spread itself works. For those looking for a quick answer, we have listed examples of the most common point spread numbers with a brief explanation of what they mean. (You can see an example of actual point spread at work at this sportsbook.)

Spread Example Explanation
+1, -1 spread  -1 Cowboys, +1 Pats  -1 spread: one point will be taken off the final score of the Cowboys in the game; If ,after taking one point from the Cowboys, Dallas still wins the game - the bet is a winner

+1 spread: one point will be added to the Patriots final score. If after adding that point to the Pats final score they win the game - the bet on the +1 point spread will be a winner.

+2, -2  +2 Broncos or -2 Texans +2 spread: two points will be added to the Broncos final score, then the winner of the game s determined.

-2 spread: two points will be taken from the Texans final score, then winner decided.

+3, -3  Lions +3 or Bears -3 -3 spread: take away three points from the Chicago's final score

+3 spread: add additional three points to Detroit's final score of the game.

+4, -4  +4 Raiders or -4 Vikings -4 spread: four points to be removed from the Minnesota total score

+4 point spread: Oakland will be given four points as handicap at the end of the game.

+5, -5 +5 Packers or -5 Patriots -5 spread: In this example five points will be subtracted from New England's final score and then the winner will be decided.

+5 spread: add extra five points to the Green Bay score.

+6, -6  Miami Dolphins +6 or Panthers -6 -6 point spread: the sportsbook will take away six points from the Panthers score; if Carolina still wins the game - this point spread bet is a winner.

+6 point spread: the bookmaker will give six points handicap to the Dolphins, before settling the winner of this wager.

+7, -7 +7 Washington Redskins or -7 Jacksonville -7 spread: the jaguars will lose seven points fro their score before the wager is graded

+7 spread: the Redskins get seven points handicap to their final score.

+8, -8 +8 Falcons or -8 Eagles -8 spread: take away three points from the Chicago's final score

+8 spread: add additional three points to Detroit's final score of the game.

+9, -9 Pittsburgh Steelers +9 or Chiefs -9 -9 spread: nine points will be taken off the Chiefs final score

+9 spread: before the winning outcome of the bet is determined, the Steelers will be given nine extra points.

+10, -10 +10 Dolphins or-10 Cowboys -10 point spread: Dallas Cowboys will have to win the game by ten points or more for the spread bet on them to be a winner.

+10 point spread: At the end of the game Miami will get ten points added to their score.

+11. -11 +11 Cardinals or -11 San Diego 49ers -11 spread: the 49ers will lose eleven points from their score; if they still win the game, the wager on San Diego wins

+11 spread: After the game is over Arizona will get extra eleven points added to their final score.

+12, -12 Denver Broncos +12 or NY Giants -12 -12 spread: In order for the bet on the Giants to pay, NY Giants must win the game by more than 12 points.

+12 point spread: if the Broncos win the game or lose by less than twelve points, the bet is graded as win.

+13, -13 +13 NY Jets or -13 Colts -13 spread: take away thirteen points from the Colts' score

+13 spread: add thirteen points to the final score of the NY Jets

+14, -14 +14 Titans or -14 Ravens -14 point spread: The Baltimore Ravens must win the game by at least fifteen points for the bet to be a winner. If they win by only fourteen, the bet is push.

+14 spread: Tennessee will get additional fourteen points at the end of the game.

+15, -15 +15 Cincinnati Bengals or -15 Browns -15 spread: when the game is over, fifteen points will be subtracted from Cleveland Browns score and if they still beat their opponent - the wager pays.

+15 spread: a handicap of fifteen points is given to the Bengals before the wager is graded.

 As you can see, the table is quite large and we have only covered the point spread most often used by the sportsbooks. Of course, the spread can go much higher than 15 and sometimes does, especially when two teams are quite mismatched in strength. Not to mention that we have not even covered the half point spread, such as +1.5 or -7.5 spreads. Read our guide on how point spread works if you want to delve even deeper into this sports betting feature. In closing, we should also draw your attention to the fact that even though we have used NFL teams and games as an example and explanation of those spreads, the same applies to any sporting even which uses point spread as a betting market. For example, a sportsbook may post a -1 point spread on the Redwings, a hockey team from the NHL, it doesn't always have to be a football team.

 Published on 10/06/20012

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