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Online casino gambling - The Dangers of Anonymity

When gambling at the online casinos, anonymity could be a dangerous thing.

Online casino gambling - The Dangers of AnonymityIronically, the greatest attraction of online gambling - namely that we can spend as much time as we please wagering our money while enjoying all the creature comforts of home - also introduces a serious and potentially destructive issue connected with the very anonymity we desired in the first place when opting to live the casino and betting experience on our own terms (rather than those thrust upon us by B&M casinos).

 Unfortunately for many online gamblers, not only are they well aware of the pitfalls of home alone online gambling, but they even embrace the luxury of self-indulgence it affords them to such a degree that they knowingly make poor decisions, in terms of both their play and money management.

 It is true that B&M casinos have more than their fair share of poor decision makers and those who seem happy to execute rash, seemingly foolish wagers, but even these kindly contributors to the casino cause tend to have a modicum of self-respect and are aware of how they might be perceived by those around them - otherwise they might be tempted to make more rash bets and stupid wagers.

 Yet put these same players at home, alone, moving around the cyber games under absolutely no scrutiny whatsoever, and there's a good chance they will indeed lose what they see as their inhibitions (but what we would simply refer to as reason), and with them more money than would be the case in a B&M environment. Playing blackjack in a closed room and with the table to himself still leaves the wayward player with the dealer as an audience, witnessing every mistake and poor play. But without such scrutiny the 'boring' nature of the game's long-term, Basic Strategy can be dispensed with online.

 The embarrassment factor is of even greater significance with poker, where table image can be of paramount importance to the game itself and acutely humiliating for players. Online, however, the player's anonymity brings license to try out anything, safe in the knowledge that - other than a few comments in the accompanying chat box, to which if we so desire we can be blissfully unaware by simply switching the facility off - we are immune to abuse.


Published on 07/13/2007

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