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How to play online casinos: Guide to playing casino online

 Although online gambling has excited for over a decade, there are plenty of people who have no idea how to play online casinos and for them we have created this quick guide to playing casinos online. In order to have players from all walks of life, the online casinos were created to be as easy and user-friendly as possible and there are small differences between online gambling software, although the basics are the same throughout all casinos. Probably the most important decision you will make when gambling online will be to actually select which online casino you would like to play. There are good and bad online casinos, but to make it easier for you to choose, we have a list of the best online casinos available currently on the internet, simply click on the link to see their information, including bonus offers, restrictions and reviews. For the purpose of this guide to playing online casinos, we will assume that you have already chosen the online gambling website you would like to play at and we'll move forward.

 How to play online casinos: Once you have decided on which online gambling website you will play, the first step is to download the online casino software. With most reputable online casinos you will have the option to play the online casino without downloading the software, the so called flash-based casino, but often this is a smaller version of the casino and in order to get the full play experience you should download the software. Naturally, after downloading the online casino you will have to install it, just like you would install any other program on you PC. Once the installation is complete, comes the fun part - playing the online casino. You will be presented with two options once the gambling software is up and running - you can play the casino for free (with fake money) or you can play the casino with real money. We always recommend you try the casino first by playing under the "fun play" account. In doing so you will check out most of the casino games offered without actually spending a dime. If you don't like how the casino looks of if the play is not fun, you could always uninstall it and try a different online casino.

 But after playing the online casino with free money you do like it, you can open a real player account. Just follow the instructions and fill in the form, including your user name and password, choose one that you will easily remember. After opening a real player account, before you can play online casinos for real money, you will have to make a deposit. Go to the cashier and see what kind of depositing methods are available, those will vary depending on your country of residence - players from U.K., for example will have an abundance of depositing options, while U.S. players may have a much smaller selection. But before you actually deposit the money, make sure you check out the bonus offers at that particular casino - some online casinos will give new players as much as $500 free, some will require you to type in the bonus code before depositing (which you can find on the casino's website) and some will automatically credit you the bonus money. Of course, you are not required to get the bonus in order to play the online casinos, but who would say no to free money?

 Once you have deposited money and you have gotten the bonus, simply exit the cashier and go to the casino lobby, if the software does not automatically transfer you there to begin with. How the casino lobby will look, depends on the online casino you have chosen to play, but no matter the interface, at the lobby you will be presented with the choice of games, grouped by category and likely indicating: table games, slots, video poker, progressive jackpots and specialty games. All online casinos will have the usual table games, such as blackjack and roulette, a bunch of different video poker games and a lot of slots, some with jackpots, some with bonuses. It's up to you to decide which games you will play at the online casino. The table game will be the same no matter which gambling website you choose, but the slots will be different depending on the casino software developer. You will have to play the games in order to see which ones will be fun for you and that's why we recommended you try out the casino first by playing under the fun player account. But this is about all that's to playing casinos online, nothing complicated. Follow those steps and you will be playing online casinos in now time. And as always - good luck!

 Published on 02/21/2009

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