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World Cup Odds: Best odds to win the 2010 World Cup

World Cup Odds: Best odds to win the 2010 World Cup Just a week away from the start of the most popular sporting event in the world - the World Cup 2010, we have gathered the best World Cup odds and you can see and compare below. Total of 32 football teams will compete in South Africa in a week's time and this year the popularity of the World Cup competition is expected to reach new heights - a large number of the USA population will be watching Donovan and team, long considered one of the biggest underdogs, battle to reach the famous trophy. So in order to accommodate all our readers, we have the 2010 World Cup odds from three of the most popular and respected online sportsbooks - two allowing USA bettors and one that does not, but offer better odds for UK and European bettors.

 Starting with the World Cup odds at the two international sportsbooks, both welcoming USA players to bet on the soccer event - Bodog Sports and Bookmaker. At Bookmaker Spain is the favorite international team to win the 2010 World Cup with odds +385, followed by the always popular Brazil, who this time will be holding second-favorite odds to win the World Cup at +445. England made it in the top three, following a few years of poor results, but the England World Cup odds to win at Bookmaker are now +565. As you can clearly see, even the top dog Spain will pay out a very decent amount of money on a winning wager - $385 for every $100 bet, which is one of the main reasons the World Cup has always attracted heavy betting world-wide. Click here to see the full list of the 2010 World Cup odds at this sportsbook.

 The odds on the World Cup at Bodog Sports are quite similar, although paying slightly different. At this online sportsbook both Spain and Brazil are listed with best odds 4/1 to win the 2010 World Cup. This is a better payout on Spain, compared with Bookmaker, but worse on Brazil, so depending on which one is your favorite international football team to win the World Cup, pick the right sportsbook, keep in mind they are both ranked among the best online sportsbooks by our editorial staff. At Bodog Argentina is third on the odds sheet with odds 6/1, edging England, which holds 8/1 odds to win the World Cup in South Africa this year. Here is the full list of 2010 World Cup odds, as posted by Bodog Sports:

Spain - 4/1
Brazil - 4/1
England - 8/1
Argentina - 6/1
Italy - 14/1
Germany - 16/1
Netherlands - 9/1
France - 20/1
Ivory Coast - 50/1
Portugal - 28/1
USA - 50/1
Chile - 40/1
Serbia - 66/1
Ghana - 66/1
Paraguay - 80/1
Mexico - 66/1
Cameroon - 100/1
South Africa - 150/1
Nigeria - 100/1
Uruguay - 125/1
Denmark - 150/1
Australia - 150/1
Greece - 150/1
Switzerland - 200/1
Slovenia - 200/1
Slovakia - 250/1
Japan - 300/1
Algeria - 500/1
South Korea - 300/1
Honduras - 1000/1
New Zealand - 1000/1
North Korea - 2000/1

 Now it's time to check the 2010 World Cup odds at the British online bookmakers. If UK residents and those in Europe and Asia would like to bet with a bookmaker with local presence none else comes to mind other than Bet 365, certainly the most popular European online bookmaker. Also keep in mind that Bet 365 offers the best odds on the World Cup and even guarantees it, so you cannot go wrong with this bookie for your World Cup betting needs. In UK the Spanish team is the top favourite to win the World Cup South Africa with odds 4/1, followed closely by Brazil with 9/2 odds and third comes England sitting on 7/1 odds to win the 2010 World Cup . Here is the full list of the World Cup betting odds as listed by Bet 365:

Spain 4/1
Brazil 9/2
England 7/1
Argentina 13/2
Holland 10/1
Germany 14/1
Italy 12/1
France 20/1
Portugal 28/1
Ivory Coast 40/1
Serbia 50/1
Chile 66/1
Mexico 66/1
USA 80/1
Ghana 80/1
Uruguay 80/1
Paraguay 100/1
Cameroon 100/1
Nigeria 150/1
Greece 150/1
Denmark 150/1
South Africa 150/1
Australia 175/1
Switzerland 200/1
South Korea 200/1
Slovakia 300/1
Slovenia 300/1
Japan 350/1
Algeria 500/1
Honduras 1000/1
North Korea 1500/1
New Zealand 2000/1

 Again, keep in mind that Bet 365 does not allow USA players to open an account with the sportsbook, but Americans should have little problem, considering the two sportsbooks previously mentioned are more than welcome to have their business. Of course, we will continue our World Cup odds coverage, along with the latest team news and events that could change the odds, as well as betting patterns and a comprehensive list of available betting markets on the 2010 World Cup competition, even in-depth group odds and betting options. Stay with us for all your betting needs and the latest 2010 World Cup odds.

 Published on 06/05/2010

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