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Odds to win Presidential Election 2012: Odds to be next US President

Odds to win Presidential Election 2012: Odds to be next US President Four years have already past since the last time we talked about the odds on winning the presidential Elections and now that we know the candidates from both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, it's time to look at the odds to become the next President of USA once again. In the 2012 Presidential Election we will see the incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama face off Republican Party contender Mitt Romney and as always the sportsbooks are taking part in the Race for the White House.

 If you are a young voter or a first time voter, we highly recommend you read our piece on how the Presidential Election works, a very important information on the general voting process in the United States should be learned before you participate in the process itself. Therefore we will assume that you know how the elections work and will dive right into the 2012 Presidential Election odds.

 With only a little over a month left until the actual voting for the next US President begins, not all sportsbooks are taking part in the action yet. We can certainly say that this is one of the most uncertain Presidential Elections and the reluctance of the betting companies to post odds on the next President of the United States underlines this fact. At this point we have only two sportsbooks that have posted odds to win the 2012 Election - Bovada and 5Dimes. At least those two bookmakers agree on the general direction of the Election. Here are the latest odds to win the 2012 Presidential Election:


  Bovada 5Dimes
Barack Obama to win 2012 election -500 -420
Mitt Romney to win 2012 election +350 +335


 Now that we have shown you the odds to win the Presidential Election in 2012 on both party candidates, let's talk about a bit about these odds and explain to those unfamiliar with the sports betting world what exactly these odds mean. We are not going to spend time explaining in depth how odds work, you can learn this here, we will just "translate" the odds on the next US President we mentioned above.

 As you can see, current USA President Barack Obama is listed with odds -500 by Bovada and -420 by 5Dimes. In layman's terms the odds with the "-" sign in front are odds on the favorite to win. In this case, Obama is odds favorite to win the Presidential Election 2012 and is favorite by a wide margin. The -500 odds on Barack Obama to win the Election translate to the fractional odds 1/5 on winning in November, in other words, one has to bet $5 to win just $1. The odds on Mitt Romney to win the 2012 Election translate to fractional 7/2, or to put this into perspective, for every $1 one wagers on Romney they will get back $3.50 in profit. One can compare these odds payout with Obama's which is for every $1 bet the bettor will get only $0.20 profit.

 Therefore right now we have Obama way ahead of Romney, as far as the betting odds are concerned, but as we have witnessed in the past, the sportsbooks are a great gauge of how this may turn out. Naturally, with the debates still to come, many undecided voters to make their minds and actual wagers to start adding into the equation, the 2012 Presidential Election odds will certainly change. We will continue to monitor and update those odds often, so bookmaker this page if you'd like to keep up with the odds on the 2012 Election of the next US President.

 Published on 10/03/2012

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