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Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears: Point spread and odds

Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears: Point spread and odds The NFL Week 1 games continue this weekend and we begin our point spread and betting odds previews with one of the most anticipated games - the matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears. The game is set to start on Sunday at 1:00pm EST at Soldier Filed in Chicago and the odds makers have already published the top odds and the latest point spread, which you can find below.

 We have the Colts - Bears game odds and spread courtesy of the popular online sportsbook Bookmaker, where we found the Bears to be an absolute favorite with odds to win their Week 1 NFL game at -500, while the Colts are a big underdog sitting on +400 odds to grab a W in their visit to Chicago this Sunday. Undoubtedly the long odds on the Colts to win the game this weekend are due to their rookie quarterback Andrew Luck, who is yet to prove himself a good replacement for Manning. But f he does - it's going to be a windfall for those betting on Indianapolis. Meanwhile the -500 odds on the Bears makes it too risky to wager, compared to the small return on the investment. The Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears point spread is at -9.5 points chalk the Bears and it's much better to bet the spread than the odds. Total points expected by Bookmaker are currently at 43.5 with both over and under paying out on -110, thus one may be certain this could change before Sunday.

 Overall, our betting opinion on the Colts - Bears game this week is to skip the -500 odds on the Bears (again, too risky for the small reward offered by the odds) and look into the point spread or the over-under, if you'd like to include this Week 1 NFL game into your betting plans. The +400 odds on the Colts are always great if you are looking for an upset.

 Published on 09/07/2012

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