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Costa Rica Sportsbook: List of Costa Rica based online sportsbooks

 Costa Rica is to online sportsbooks what Las Vegas is to the casinos and with the ever increasing interest in Costa Rica sportsbook betting, it's time to list the best online sportsbooks located in the country. Costa Rica, which translates to Rich Coast, is staying true to its name and the small Central American country is literally The Place for the online sportsbooks and sports betting on the internet in general. The local government quickly realized that all the sportsbooks looking to serve the North American region will have to set up shop somewhere close, yet far enough to avoid various hurdles they would meet and welcomed online sports betting operations in the country, although the government of the nation has not hammered clear laws for regulation and even taxation of the sports betting websites. Today many of the online sportsbooks are based in Costa Rica and almost all of the sportsbooks taking U.S. customers are also located there.

 Of course, with the large number of online sportsbooks based in Costa Rica, the odds are that there will be a number of them to be rogue. And others are simply not at par what what a really good online sportsbook should offer its customers. That's why below you will be able to find a good Costa Rica sportsbook, while sacrificing none of the perks and benefits that should come with patronizing one of those sports betting websites. Here is our list of the best Costa Rica based online sportsbooks:

 Bookmaker - the best Costa Rica sportsbook. Bookmaker has long been a favorite, not only of our reviews, but of the millions of players wagering at this betting website. Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, Bookmaker is the perfect example of a great online sportsbook. If you decide to bet with Bookmaker, you will get the best odds available (and earlier than any other sportsbook), superior customer service from the Costa Rica employees of the bookie and good bonus to start with. Although sometimes the depositing options for U.S. customers may happen to be on the thin side, the sportsbook allows players from all over the world without restrictions and processes the withdrawals faster than anyone else. If you are looking for a top Costa Rica online sportsbook you must start with Bookmaker.

 BetED - a great Costa Rica sportsbook for all players. Although BetED started back in 1996 from the Cook Islands of New Zealand, the management quickly realized that Costa Rica is the place to be for online sports betting and now the company is enjoying the weather in Central America. Utilizing their proprietary software could make it a bit difficult for new players to navigate through the website, but once you've got the hand of it you will browse the betting site at light speed. BetED is one of the few Costa Rica sportsbook which cater mainly to U.S. players, thus we do not recommend this betting website to the rest of the world - bets on soccer games, cricket, rugby, etc. are rarely available or non-existent. But focusing on the U.S. market has given this Costa Rican sportsbook the edge, especially when it comes to good and fast ways of funding your sports betting account. Besides successful credit card deposits, this betting company also offers electronic check, i.e. deposit from your bank account, checking account, wire transfers and ewallets. Keep in mind, however, that BetED is very strict when it comes to funding rules in order to avoid fraudulent transactions. Overall, great sportsbook for North American players, but the rest of the world will find it short on odds and bets.

 Diamond Sportsbook - another jewel in Costa Rica, the Diamond Sportsbook (also known under BetDSI name) is a great sports betting company with 20% bonus for new players. And although the parent company of the Diamond Sportsbook is based in Cyprus, this online sportsbook is fully licensed by Costa Rica and is one of the best you will find for customers all over the world. There is plenty to bet on, no matter if you live in the United States or in the United Kingdom, this odds maker is loaded with bets, which even include virtual horse racing. And, yes, Aussie rules are also present here. Very nice Costa Rica sportsbook, highly recommended not only by us, but by betting forums and blogs all over the internet.

 Published on 04/18/2009

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