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Euro 2012: Where to bet on the Uefa Euro 2012, best bookmakers

Euro 2012: Where to bet on the Uefa Euro 2012, best bookmakers Only two days left before the start of the Uefa Euro 2012, one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and today we will look at the best online bookmakers to bet on the Euro 2012 in the UK and EU. Keep in mind that these are the best European bookmakers and they do not accept punters from the US, although Canadian bettors are welcome at all of them, as well.

 When we talk about  the best UK bookmakers, whether for the Euro 2012 or any other sporting event, we must begin with Bet 365 (an exclusive Euro bonus here). Not only Bet 365 offers some of the best Euro 2012 betting odds, but the company itself is one of the most trusted and reputable betting firms in the UK and Europe. Chances are you are already betting with the bookmaker, but we must include it in our list.

 If you are looking for an alternative bookmaker and hopefully get some of those large free bets for new customers (even larger with the Uefa Euro tournament looming), we recommend the following two online bookmakers: Betsson and Paddy Powers. There is a big "secret" about these two bookies and when we reveal it - you will know why we suggest you open an account with both of them. See, the trick here is that Betsson generally offers the best betting odds on the underdog teams, where Paddy Power offers bigger payouts on the favourite teams. For instance, for the Group A match between Poland and Greece, the odds on Greece offer the best payout at Betsson with coefficient 4.63, while Paddy Powers has Poland paying out on even money (2.00 odds). In such situations, it's best to have an account opened and funded at both - if you are looking for the surprising upset of Greece - you can bet the odds at Betsson, while if you want to stick with the favourite Poland - you are better off betting this Euro 2012 Group A match with Paddy Power.

 Either way you decide to go, the three online bookmakers we have listed here are truly the very best in sports betting UK and Europe has to offer. Choose any of them (or all of them) and you won't regret it. And in the future you wouldn't have to look where to bet - you'd already have accounts with the most popular online bookmakers.

 Published on 06/06/2012

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