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Hatton-Pacquiao odds: Ricky Hatton vs. Manny Pacquiao fight odds

 We are just hours away from witnessing on of the most exiting boxing fights so far this year - Ricky Hatton vs. Manny Pacquiao, time to check the odds on the bout tonight. In Las Vegas Ricky Hatton (45-1) will defend his junior welterweight title against Manny Pacquiao (48-3-2) and the British boxer is far from being favorite this time around. Looking at the Hatton vs. Pacquiao odds at the popular online sportsbook Bookmaker, Manny Pacquiao is way ahead with favorite odds -240, compared to Ricky Hatton, who holds underdog long odds +200 to win the fight at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas tonight. This could indeed be great news for bettor siding with Ricky Hatton today, considering the double your money return The Hit Man is offering, something we have not seen in a while for a boxing match of such magnitude. Both fighters weight-in last night, with Ricky Hatton coming in spot on 140 pounds, while Manny Pacquiao tipped the scales at 138 pounds.

 Checking the odds on the Pacquiao vs. Hatton fight at another high-traffic online sportsbook, Bodog Sports, we find Hatton in even more doubt of winning the bout tonight. At this bookie the odds on Ricky Hatton are +205, while Manny Pacquiao is holding favorite odds -265 to win the face-off in the ring of MGM Grand Arena. The sportsbooks has also made favorite the fight to go over 9.5 rounds with -130 odds, while under will pay out on -110. The Hatton-Pacquiao fight will be on HBO PPV at 9:00pm EST, check your local Pay-Per-View options for pricing and availability.

 Published on 05/02/2009

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