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Hawaii could legalize casino gambling, slots

 Hawaii may become one of the many U.S. states with legal gambling, if some of the legislature members have their way, according to the recent reports from the tourist destination. Amid budget deficit, some of the lawmakers are considering allowing casinos with slots to operate on some of the Native Hawaiian lands, i.e. Waikiki. Looking for new ways to attract revenues and fill in the billion-dollar budget gaps, members of the local legislature are giving the casinos a serious thought.

 Of course, opposition to the casinos at one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world was quick to follow. Most of the people opposing the legalization of gambling in Hawaii are concerned that the introduction of casinos there would damage the status of the state as a family-friendly destination, resulting in much higher loss in the overall economy of the state. Locals are also concerned with the possible increase in crime and some locals fear that casinos in Hawaii would make it easier for the residents to gamble. Gamblers from Hawaii comprise one of the biggest gambling groups in Las Vegas and some residents believe that if casinos are allowed on the island "could ruin families by making it too easy for them to gamble away their money."

 Published on 02/19/2010

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