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2009 Kentucky Derby Odds: Top Derby contenders odds to win

 With just a few days left until the start of the 2009 Kentucky Derby, it's time to check again the latest odds to win the Kentucky Derby on the top contenders in the Run for the Roses. As it always goes, the closer we get to the Kentucky Derby the more people are placing bets on the contenders, which leads to fluctuation in the odds daily. And now with "Quality Road" out of the 09 Derby race, the Kentucky Derby contenders have really shown a swing in the betting odds. For the latest Kentucky Derby odds we go to the popular online sportsbook Bodog Sports, which we have used since the start of our reviews, making it easy to compare the betting odds as they change with time.

 So. let's take a look at how the odds to win the 2009 Kentucky Derby stand at the moment. Again, the odds-on favorite Derby contender remains I Want Revenge, who is now listed with the 3/1 odds to win the famous horse race on Saturday. His previous odds were slightly longer at 5/2, but with Quality Road out of the picture, most bettors switched bets in favor of "I Want Revenge". But there were those who continue looking for the best deal in odds and are shying from the favorite Kentucky Derby contender in favor of the better payouts. Both Dunkirk and Pioneer of the Nile have moved up on the betting sheets, the two colts sharing 4/1 odds to win the Run for the Roses in a few days. The new Kentucky Derby odds on these two contenders show that while Dunkirk did not improve by much (his previous odds were 9/2), Pioneer of the Nile is really picking up steam as he enters the Derby. Yesterday's odds on Pioneer of the Nile to win the 135th Derby were at 6/1. Friesan Fire has also attracted the attention of the bettors - his odds climbed down from 13/2 to 5/1 at Bodog Sports at the moment. The rest of the Kentucky Derby contenders hold double digit odds, visit the sportsbook to see the full list of odds on the 2009 Kentucky Derby contenders.

 Needless to say, the betting odds on the 135th Kentucky Derby will continue to change as more people place wagers on the popular horse race. As we always do, we urge all bettors to lock in the odds on their favorite contender early on for that same reason. And with the Derby inching closer, various betting props on the race will be posted by the sports betting companies. Stay with us to read about the more interesting Derby props you can place a bet on, as well as contender reviews and odds changes.

 Published on 04/29/2009

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