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Miss USA Scandal Pictures: Yet another round of racy photos?

Miss USA Scandal Pictures: Yet another round of racy photos? Less than a week before the start of Miss USA 201 and we are already hearing the rumors about yet another round of scandal pictures and racy controversy. It's truly amazing how almost every year on Miss USA beauty pageant there are some "scandal pictures", "racy photos", or just some "Miss USA controversy" going around. And we have to admit, the Miss USA scandal pictures in the past had much more merit than the Miss USA 2010.

 So what are the "Miss USA scandal pictures" you've been hearing about? Sorry to disappoint, but unless you are Amish, this particular "controversy" doesn't have a leg to stand on. What we and everyone else is talking about are the promotional photos for Miss USA contestants, which you can see by going to the official website of the Miss USA 2010 (click here for the "scandal photos"). No, the Miss USA 2010 contestants are not naked, taking part in adult films or simply partying hard while camera present. Miss Kansas and her "scandal photos", one of which you can see here, seems to get the thickest end of it, but almost every other Miss USA 2010 contestant has a picture similar to the one above. Are theses scandal photos of the Miss USA 2010 contestants? Not in our opinion, especially when considering that we judge the Miss USA contestants by their physical appearance first and foremost. And let's face it, you show this photo to any male claiming it's racy, the answer will always be "You call this racy? Let me show you what's racy...", while pulling out their cell phone.

 Anyway, how would this "Picture scandal" affect the wagering on the Miss USA 2010? Bookmakers, as well as the pageant organizers, stand only to benefit from such (fake) controversy. Wagering on the winner of Miss USA, as well as other big beauty pageants, has long been a fun time for the bettors, taking a break from the sporting events to just place a small wager on which beauty will win and these "Miss USA scandal pictures" headlines will only increase the number of folks actually interested in the pageant.

 Odds on the Miss USA 2010 have changed none since we last reported, although the scandal pictures could drive higher number of bettors and change the odds simply on volume. As it stands right now, Miss California, Nicole Michele Johnson, is still the favorite to win Miss USA 2010 with odds 8/1 as posted by the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, followed by Miss Oklahoma (Morgan Woolard) and Miss Nebraska (Belinda Wright), both with odds 11/1. The odds on Miss Kansas, Bethany Gerber, were actually improved by the sandal photos controversy and are now at 12/1 to win Miss USA 2010.

 Published on 05/11/2010

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