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NBA Finals Odds: Lakers back to holding favorite odds

 Who would've thought that the Nuggets would give the Lakers a hard time when L.A. is pitching its bid for participation at the 2009 NBA Finals? Not many bettors, that's for sure. But after the Lakers won the fifth game in the series 103-94, Kobe Bryant and Co. are back to enjoying the odds-on favorite status to win the 209 NBA Finals. Rumors and accusations that the L.A. Lakers bought the fifth game are already emerging from the Denver press and the Donaghy scandal is way too fresh in people's memory, but life goes on and the Lakers are a game away from securing the spot in the 2009 NBA Finals. Meanwhile Orlando Magic is just a game away from clinching their place in the NBA Finals, after leading the series 3-1 and will have the chance to put an end to the series when they visit the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight, a game in which Orlando is underdog to win.

 But let's take a look at the latest NBA Finals odds, as posted by the popular online sportsbook Bodog Sports (opens new window). At the bookie the Los Angeles Lakers are back to enjoying favorite status with odds 6/7 to win the 2009 NBA Finals. The Lakers are naturally followed by the Orlando Magic, who hold odds 9/4 on victory in this year's NBA Finals. The Denver Nuggets are still well in the game, but remain the underdog of the NBA Championship with long 13/2 odds, after holding 4/1 odds just a few days ago. Meanwhile the Cleveland Cavaliers are sitting on 7/2 odds to win the 2009 NBA Finals at Bodog Sports. Of course these NBA Finals odds are bound to change after the game tonight between Orlando and Cleveland no matter the outcome, so put in your bets early if you'd like to clinch these betting odds.

 Interesting fact to point out for tonight's game Orlando Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. At the online sportsbook Bookmaker, another sportsbook on our recommended list, the odds are heavily stacked against Orlando. The bookmaker has listed Orlando Magic with odds +345 to win the game, while the Cleveland Cavaliers are the favorite to win the fifth game of the series with odds -415. But according to our friends at Bookmaker, the majority of bettors are taking Orlando to win, trying to make big on the long +345 and have actually made the bet on Orlando to win the NBA playoff game tonight the most bet on event at the sportsbook. Something to think about and maybe even take advantage of the +345 on Orlando.

 Published on 05/28/2009

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