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NFL Sportsbook: Best NFL sportsbooks online

 With every football season the quest for good NFL sportsbook is underway, bettors looking for reliable and reputable online sportsbook to place their NFL bets. Let's face it, if you end up at a shady sportsbook and start placing bets on the NFL, once it's time to take home your winnings - an unpleasant surprise awaits you. Hence it's crucial to find a good NFL sportsbook before the start of the season, so you as a player will have a joyful and successful betting streak. Below we have done a quick ranking of the online sportsbooks for NFL betting, taking into account many factors, all mentioned when the sports betting site is being reviewed for football betting qualification. Here is what we recommend as the best NFL online sportsbooks:

 Bookmaker (25% bonus for NFL bettors) - the Bookmaker sportsbook has long stood atop of our ranking of sports betting sites here and it's not any different when it comes to the best NFL sportsbook. Many factors work in advantage of this betting website, here are the major ones. First, this is one of the most popular and reputable sportsbooks, bar none. Years in the business, there are no missing payments, diddling with players bets and so on. All quality here and this has been the preferred NFL sportsbook for millions of gamblers worldwide. It also helps that this online sportsbook has no restriction on US players, the biggest sports betting segment, including the NFL. This company has long focused on providing exceptional customer service, being honest and forward with the players, knowing that if you keep the quality of those features, customers will bet with you forever. Also beneficial to the success of this NFL sportsbook is the fact that Bookmaker is among the first, if not the first, to post the latest odds on the NFL games, giving bettors the advantage of early NFL odds. Bottom line - the best NFL sportsbook online these days and must be part of your portfolio.

 Diamond Sportsbook - speaking of portfolios, every experienced bettor has at least two sportsbooks, often more, which he or she uses to place bets on the NFL and other sports. This is mainly done to take advantage of promotions, better odds on certain games and even to increase the amount of your bet - most online sportsbooks have a limit on how much you can bet on a single NFL game. The Diamond Sportsbook sure fits the profile of a good NFL sportsbook to hedge your bets. Established well over a decade ago, Diamond is one of the first online NFL sportsbooks and remains quite popular with the old bettors, although due to marketing, these days this NFL sportsbook seems a bit "forgotten" by the betting portals. But the guys at Diamond are all straight-shooters, win your bet and you will get your money. The sportsbook also has no restriction on USA players, so NFL betting is available here for North America, as well.

 Bodog Sports - one of the major drawbacks and the reason we have ranked Bodog Sports at this place among the best NFL sportsbooks is the late odds. This is very nice gambling website, not only sportsbook, but horse racing, casino and poker are available, but when it comes to NFL sportsbooks, the odds are slow to be posted. While other bookies will publish the NFL odds as early as Tuesday, at Bodog you won't be able to see the full picture until Thursday. The point spread is posted early, but the rest of the odds are a couple of days behind. If this is of no concern to you and you usually place your NFL bets on Thursday or Friday (or even gameday) Bodog is a great NFL sportsbook to join. Not to mention that plenty of bonus offers are made available to bettors, often you will get 100% bonus on your NFL deposits and bets. Keep in mind that this offshore sportsbook does not allow Canadian bettors, but US players are more than welcome to join.

 Overall, these three sportsbooks should have you covered for the NFL season. All of them are spot on with the payments, the odds are very competitive and there is no bull when it comes to paying your money, something many NFL bettors rank as the most important feature of a sportsbook. Stick with any of the three NFL sportsbooks here and you won't have a problem this football season. Remember - better safe than sorry.

 Published on 07/08/2009

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