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Super Bowl 2012: Patriots and Giants in a Super Bowl rematch

Super Bowl 2012: Patriots and Giants in a Super Bowl rematch Who is going to the Super Bowl 2012? Well, the NY Giants and the New England Patriots, of course. After their Conference Championship games the Giants and  the Pats are set off to face each other in a Super Bowl replay at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 5th. Is it going to be Eli Manning or Tom Brady to lift the trophy above his head in two weeks time?

 Fortunately we may have an answer for you. Considering that the majority of the sportsbooks are a bit gun-shy to post odds on the 2012 Super Bowl game so early, the guys at the popular online sportsbook 5DImes waste no time to declare their favorite among the Giants and the Patriots to win the Super Bowl 2012. The bookmaker currently has the New England Patriots as marginal favorite to become the Champion on February 5th with odds -160. Meanwhile the NY Giants are underdog with odds +140.

 And of course, these are the early odds on the Super Bowl 2012, which express the actual opinion of the odds makers, i.e. the lines are yet to move up or down due to the bettors favoring one team over the other. Naturally, this is a double-edged sword for the sportsbook, yet great news for some bettors, who can take advantage of the early odds and secure pretty hefty payout. Also at 5Dimes the NY Giants vs. New England Patriots point spread is posted as -3 points chalk the Patriots. If you are loving these odds - lock them in early on, once the bets on the 2012 Super Bowl start pouring in, the line will change and no one knows at this point which way it would go. But one thing is certain - the margin on the Super Bowl odds would be way smaller than currently is.

 To summarize and answer some of the most frequently asked questions:
Who is going to the Super Bowl 2012? - The New York Giants and the New England Patriots.
When is the Super Bowl? - The Super Bowl is on February 5th 2012.
Who will win the Super Bowl 2012? - According to the odds makers currently the Patriots are the favorite team to win the Superbowl.

 Published on 01/23/2012

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