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World Cup Odds: Spain still odds favorite against Germany

World Cup Odds: Spain still odds favorite against Germany The 2010 World Cup is reaching the culmination we have all been waiting for, the Final, but first this week the final four will clash for the top two spots. On the 6th Uruguay will face off the Netherlands, who are having a great run at the 2010 World Cup, despite being far away from favorite at the beginning of the competition. And on the next day millions all over the world will have the chance to watch the clash of the 2010 World Cup titans - Germany vs. Spain. Both semi-final games are guaranteed to be a delight for the soccer connoisseur, but naturally the Germany vs. Spain game will attract the most attention, a game worthy of being the final for the World Cup.

 Therefore we will start with the betting odds review of the 2010 World Cup semi-final game Germany vs. Spain. It is obvious for everyone keeping up with the World Cup from the get-go that the Spaniards had a really hard time in the competition, making it through the stages, but not with the “gusto” many had expected from what was (and still is) the favorite team to win the 2010 World Cup. On the other hand, the Germans did not enjoy the love of the odds makers, who used to place Germany among the top 2 favorites almost every World Cup. But the young team led by Joachim Loew have clearly shown they are a group of footballers out for the win and the game against the star-laden Spain will sure be one for the books.

 And speaking about books, let’s check the latest 2010 World Cup odds on the Germany vs. Spain game. Starting with the popular online sportsbook Bodog Sports, we find that Spain remains the favorite to win the World Cup with odds 2/1 as well as the favorite to win the semi-final game against Germany - Spain is sitting on +155 odd to win the game, while Germany is once again the underdog with odds +170 to reach the World Cup Final game. Granted the odds on the Germany vs. Spain game are far from the usual “long-short” we are used to, the odds makers are still going with Spain as the favorite and will stick to their guns, unless a betting pattern emerges to give Germany the edge by the 7th. Draw in regular time will pay out on +225 odds, which is once again much smaller payout that one would expect for a draw. We also compared those odds with the Germany vs. Spain odds at another popular sports betting website, Bookmaker, and found out that the betting odds on this semi final game are exactly the same as those at Bodog Sports.

 As far as the other semi-final game, Uruguay vs. Netherlands, the odds are much more predictable. According to the bookmakers at Bodog Sports, the Netherlands will have little problem continuing their great run and reaching the final of the 2010 World Cup. At Bodog the Dutch team is listed with the -165 odds to win the semi-final game tomorrow, while Uruguay is holding the whopping +550 odds to deliver an upset in the semi-final game; the draw in regular time will pay out on +250 odds at the sportsbook.

 Here are the latest odds on the 2010 World Cup winner, as posted by Bodog Sports:
Spain - 2/1
Germany - 11/5
Netherlands - 11/5
Uruguay - 10/1
Clearly not much of a surprise here with Germany and Netherlands splitting the odds to win the 2010 World Cup and Uruguay as the big underdog for the tournament, Of course, those odds will change drastically once the Germany vs. Spain game has drawn a winner, but at this point the payout difference is quite tight as shown by the World Cup odds posted by the bookmakers. Betting will be available both before and during the semi-final games - so head over to Bodog to open an account and get 10% bonus on your first deposit.

 Published on 07/05/2010

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