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Best Betting Sites: List of top betting websites

Best Betting Sites: List of top betting websites There is nothing more frustrating for a bettor than landing on a rogue sports betting website, to help you avoid this, today we will take a look at the best betting sites for US and UK players. If you've been betting online for a while you already know that not all betting sites accept US players, hence we have made the distinction between the US and the UK websites. Note that players from almost all over the world (except USA, of course) can bet at the top UK betting sites.

 Here is the current list of the best betting websites:


Best Betting Sites USA UK/EU
#1 Bookmaker ($2,500 bonus) Bet365 (£/€200)
#2 Bovada ($500) Pinnacle
#3 5Dimes ($1,250) Betsson

 How did we decide which are the best betting sites? Trust me, we did not just pull the names out of thin air. And people in the UK – don't be fooled that just because a bookmaker has paid a popular football team to put their name on their shirts – it makes them any better. You'd be surprised by the horror stories you can hear about those bookies. If you don't pick the right betting site, but simply go on which one is famous – you will pay the price. US bettors think that just because sports betting is legal in some parts of Europe, that all their online betting websites are top-notch, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It's just that those awful experiences don't really get to the US forums and blogs, that's all. Don't think that UK punters have it made, they are facing the same problems and issues bettors in the US are dealing with. Let's look at some of the most important criteria when selecting the best betting websites. For the UK punter, see this guide to the good betting sites in the country.

 Reputation – there is no better way to gauge the sportsbooks but by reputation. Trust and reputation are built over many years and are certainly not something one can obtain with advertising dollars, promotions, free plays, etc. To be listed among our bets betting sites you must have the cleanest reputation among the sportsbooks, both for UK and USA players, but especially for the US customers, since the choices of reputable betting websites in the United States are very slim. I dare anyone challenge our list above and claim that the betting sites listed are not the most reputable and trusted entities in online sports betting today! Sure, there are plenty of other sportsbooks and bookmakers, but none of them have the reputation those above do.

 Easy Deposits, Fast Payouts – very important factor and the only reason online bettors may turn back to the traditional sportsbooks and betting shops. People want to be able to deposit money right away and to receive their payouts in a timely matter, i.e. fast. It's real shame, but some of the most popular betting sites will take months to send people their payout money and we say popular, since those sports betting websites have simply spent a lot of money for advertising, not that they are anything special. If you don't want to sit around waiting for your payout to be processed and sent, sometimes never to get the money, choose only from the best betting sites.

 Plenty of bonuses, free bets and betting markets – we are grouping all in-site options into one here. We and every bettor like to see good bonus offers with decent rollover requirements. What good is a bonus when the rollovers are so high – you don't have a chance to withdraw any winnings from it? A 4x rollover is to protect the sportsbook from bonus abusers, but a 15x rollover is plain theft. Which brings us to another point – limiting players. A top betting site will not limit the amount people can lay on a bet just because they won a couple of wagers. You can avoid this type of robbery by simply selecting one of the best betting sites from the list above.

 Old Fashioned Customer Service – yes, we do underline the old-fashioned part, you know, the one where everything is done to leave the customer happy that they chose your company over the competitors? Some betting sites ride such high horse, don't even think for a minute that you will get a decent resolution should a problem arise. With them is their way or the highway, banking on the low number of really good sportsbooks and limited options. The best betting sites here will never think of pulling stuff like that, which goes right back to the point of reputation. You don't risk losing the reputation you've built over many years just by refusing to honor your bonus terms and conditions, for example, or worse – grading bets as you see fit, rather than the correct way. And while we are on the customer service, can anyone explain the reasoning behind hiring people to answer the phone of a sports betting website without the basic knowledge of sports betting? Yeah, hopefully you'll never came across them (and you won't with the betting websites above). Sometimes it just gets ridiculous what some sportsbooks think they can get away with.

 Published on 06/19/2013

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