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Best poker site for U.S. players? This is the best USA poker website

 No one is contesting the fact that poker is the most popular for of gambling in the United States but the question is which one is the best poker site for USA players? Here we will answer this question and you may be a bit surprised if you have bought into the poker advertising Kool-Aid. There are literally thousands of online poker websites, a lot of them still accepting USA players to join the room, despite the big hit online poker took a few years ago when Congress passed the bill to limit the popularity of online gambling, including playing poker, in the U.S. And you have probably seen a lot of poker site names during the various televised poker tournaments, but the best USA poker website may indeed be a surprise to many of you. So, which one is the best poker site for USA players:

 Bodog Poker (get $500 bonus on your first deposit + 100% matchup on your following re-ups): This is by far the best US poker website, hands down. Sure, it's not as popular as say Absolute Poker, but you know what else - it's not cheating either! USA poker players seem to be getting tired of reading every week about a new scandal involving an online poker room, bots being used to cheat people, managers breaking into accounts or using master accounts to see the cards of unsuspected players and steal millions, etc. - there is plenty on poker sites cheating scandals, just search the internet. But Bodog Poker has stand true to its main philosophy - give the players an honest and secure platform and they will be your customers for life.

 Of course this alone is not our single base for ranking Bodog as the best poker site for USA players. We have known this gambling company for many years, it's actually been in operation since 1997, and Bodog has always been an example for customer service. It's not just a poker website, Bodog is a complete online gambling company, offering, in addition to its poker room, a casino, sportsbook and even racebook. All those forms of gambling can be managed under one account, making it easy for the player to play at the poker tables while wagering live on sporting events, for example. But speaking strictly about the poker site - it's the most secure and honest place you will visit online. Bodog has been building reputation for a long time, employing only highly qualified representatives and spending the extra dollar on security. Poker bots and cheating are unheard of at Bodog, period. If you want to find the best USA poker site where you can just enjoy the darn game without worrying about anything, this is the place.

 The poker site also offers a great bonus offer for its players, both new and existing customer will enjoy a great deal of free money. For starters, new poker players at this US-friendly poker site will get 110% bonus on their first deposit, up to $500, awesome news for beginners, who would like to give online poker a shot but don't want to risk too much money, if they turn out to be lousy players. And speaking of newbies, this poker site has a full and very comprehensive guide to playing poker - take advantage of the free read if you are just starting. And you know what? You can also play for free, a great way to practice what you have learned without risking a dollar. For the players who already took advantage of the first deposit bonus - don't worry, Bodog Poker has an ongoing 100% reload bonus offer. Want more? How about a point system which lets you earn money for the poker hands you play? Or hundreds of free and paid tournament every week, with the culmination on Sunday when U.S. poker players can participate in the $100,000 guaranteed tournament?

 At every given time of the day, there are at least 1000 customers playing poker at Bodog, so you will always find plenty of contenders to face off at a poker table with blinds of your liking. Chat with them, sit at a few tables at once without having to switch windows, the perks for joining Bodog Poker are countless. But again, we will come to the security and honesty to justify ranking this the best poker site for U.S. players. Everyone who has ever gone online knows that you cannot put a price on safety and with Bodog this comes guaranteed. That's why this is the best USA poker website, bar none. Visit Bodog Poker today, give them a shot and if you believe we are wrong - let us know, write us an email, we would love to hear any objections.

 Published on 05/07/2009

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