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Bet on the Super Bowl: Millions to bet online on the 2008 Super Bowl

While the Vegas bookmakers expect good return, people will likely bet online on the Super Bowl 2008.

Bet on the Super Bowl: Millions to bet online on the 2008 Super Bowl With the 2008 Super Bowl less than a month away, everyone is looking for the best place to bet on the game. And it's hardly a surprise that most people will bet online on the 2008 Super Bowl game, putting a big dent in Las Vegas. It's not only the fact that the online sportsbooks do offer better odds than their Vegas counterparts, convenience also plays a major role in the decision where to bet on the Super Bowl. While the attempts of the U.S. government to curb online gambling and sports betting in the county continue in full force, there are literally thousands of online bookmakers ready to accept your bet on the Super Bowl, without any geographical restrictions.

 Why will people bet online on the Super Bowl? For starter, the Las Vegas bookmakers have failed miserably in the recent years to keep up with the times and cut down on the juice. The difference in the odds between the online sportsbooks and the Vegas bookmakers is not so obvious when it comes to the favorite teams, but once you look at the underdogs, you can find odds online ten-fold better compared to the Vegas bookies. Unfortunately, with the online bookmakers having a pool of every bettor in the world and the Vegas sportsbooks only the bettors in the city - this trend will not change for a while. For example, the odds on the Super Bowl 2008 at the online sportsbook Bodog Sports favor the Patriots 2/7, while most of the Vegas bookmakers have the Patriots 2/13 to win the 2008 Super Bowl. If you put it into money, let's say you want to bet $1,000 on the Patriots, with the online bookie you will win around $285 and with the Vegas bookie you will win around $155, granted the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

 Convenience, as already mentioned, is the biggest factor why people will bet online on the Super Bowl this year. With sports betting legal only in the state of Nevada, if you live in New York, for example, you will find it hard to travel all the way to Las Vegas to place you bet on the Super Bowl, which is one of the reasons why people used to bet with their local bookies. Well, the local bookies are now almost replaced by the convenience of the offshore sportsbooks and placing a bet online on the Super Bowl takes less than a minute. And since almost 2/3 of the adult male population is expected to bet on the 2008 Super Bowl, one thing is for sure - it will mainly happen online.

 A word of warning, however, is necessary here for those who have decided to bet online on the Super Bowl - be very careful. There are a handful of online sportsbooks who are considered honest and trustworthy by the industry, and the rest of the thousands bookies online will likely cheat you out of your money. It an unfortunate side effect of an unregulated industry and if you have decided to bet online - you must do as much research as you would if you had to by a 50" TV and good luck!

 Published on 01/14/2008

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