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Casinos: Missouri casino license up for grabs

Casinos: Missouri casino license up for grabs Fifteen letters of interest in the soon-to-be-available casino license in the state of Missouri have been received by the Missouri Gaming Commission, the gambling regulator said. Missouri has limit on the available casino licenses, currently set at 13 and with the shut-down of the President Casino, located on the St. Louis waterfront, the gambling license will be up for grabs this summer. Casino regulators in Missouri asked those interested in the license to submit a letter to the Commission and according to the latest reports - a total of 15 letters have been received so far, both from individuals and companies all interested in developing a new casino in Missouri.

 Sugar Creek, Cape Girardeau, West Alton and St. Louis are among the locations some of those interested in the casino license mention as possible new home for the 13th Missouri casino, although according to the MGC, most of those willing to bid for the casino license in the state have not pointed explicitly to a specific location. The bidding is still open, but gambling regulators pointed out that some of the applications will likely be rejected early, since anyone willing to bid for the casino license will have to be paired or backed by a company already experienced in the casino and gambling business. The President Casino's license will become available after its doors have closed on July 1st.

 Published on 05/05/2010

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