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Fast paying online casinos: Casinos with the fastest payouts

Fast paying online casinos: Casinos with the fastest payouts Let's face it - once you hit that big win playing at your chosen online casino, the first thing you want to know is how fast can you get your payout. Years ago, during the boom of internet gambling, it was very fast and easy to get your payouts (from the reputable casinos, that is), but today due to various regulations, it may take a bit before you are holding the cash in your hand. Depending on the casino you've chosen to play, it could take anywhere from a couple of days to never. That's right, if you were one of the very unlucky players to pick an online casino at random (or by not following our recommendations), you could've had ended at a rogue online casino and those type of websites never pay their customers, hence the classification of "rogue".

 But if you were smart (and lucky) enough to have chosen one of the casinos we list as safe, here you will find out the average time of processing your payout, i.e. a comparison of the fastest paying online casinos at this time. Read the article further to learn more about certain situations where longer withdrawal times could occur. Here are the leading online casinos when it comes to fast speed of payouts:

Vegas Casino Online - for us, this is one of the fastest paying online casinos in the industry today. Depending on your chosen method of payment, you could get your winnings as fast as 48 hours. Even if you've won big and request a payout by check, your winnings will usually arrive within 3 to 5 business days. This is is an extreme speed in the today's internet gambling market and only a couple of other casinos could match this level of customer service and withdrawals. The casino also offers a very generous $3,000 bonus for first time players, so don't forget to take advantage of this, as well.

Las Vegas USA - this popular casino has its payouts processed by the same management team as Vegas Casino Online, so the same fast speeds apply for Las Vegas USA, too. Which is great for the customers, as they now have multiple options for fast paying online casinos, yet with different bonus options, games and promotions. Which one of the those two casinos you'd choose is entirely up to you, based on which features are most important to you, but when it comes to paying the winnings, they are both among the fastest in the industry.

Bovada Casino - the famous Bovada, established in the last century as one of the forerunners to online gambling, should also be mentioned when we talk about speed of payouts. Established players (i.e. those who have completed successfully the verification process) will enjoy a payout within a week. Some players grumble that payouts are not fast enough during the major sporting events, like Super Bowl or any Finals weeks, but this is understandable and should be expected at those rare times in the year - Bovada also runs one of the most popular sportsbooks on the internet and is serving over a million bettors, so payouts could get bogged down during those few busy times every year, so plan ahead with your pay requests from the casino. But excluding those rare occasions, the Bovada casino does pay faster than almost all others.

 As noted earlier, a few thing must be mentioned here about the speed of casino payouts, namely the case of first-time players. While those casinos above are indeed extremely fast in paying your winnings, every online casino today requires new customers to complete a verification process the first time they request a withdrawal of their winnings. The process sounds ominous, but it's indeed very easy to complete and everyone must go through this when the submit their first payout request at a new casino. Each online casino has their own steps and ways of verifying that you are who you say you are, and we have written extensively about this necessary step, but in relation to the topic of this article, please note that this will indeed affect how fast the casino will pay your winnings, but only for your first withdrawal. Once you have been verified, which could take a couple of days, all consequential payouts will be processed promptly and without any extra work required on your part. Just keep this in mind, when making your first payout request at the online casino, make sure you read the FAQs at the casino's website to find out what the verification process entails and you'll have a fast first payout, as well.

 Published on 02/19/2016

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