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Free online casino money: How to get free money at the online casinos

 Free online casino money - many have heard about it but even more players are misunderstanding the concept. Yes, free online casino money do exist but just as anything else in the world, there is no free lunch when it comes to getting money for free at the internet casinos. When people hear "free online casino money" the first thing that pops into one's head is that when you sign up with an online casino you will automatically get free money you can play with. And although this is the case at a couple of online casinos, which do offer $5 to $7 free for new customers, those amounts could hardly be called money these days.

 Yes, you will get free money at the online casino, but the sooner you understand how this actually works, the better off you will be. And as we never sugar-coat in our articles and guides, we will keep it real with you here, as well. Every online casino today offers free money in the form of bonuses, whether for new players, the so called "sign-up bonus", or in the form of ongoing promotions for the existing customers of the gambling website. For example Go Casino (open in new window) offers as much as $20,000 in free casino money to new players that sign up and deposit money. And $20K is indeed A LOT of money, but don't expect to simply be handed a wad of virtual cash when you open a new account. If the online casinos did that - they would've been out of business a long time ago.

 What's the catch, you ask? One must first deposit money in order to get the free online casino money. Granted it's not really "a catch" per-se, it's still a requirement to get your free money. For example, with Go Casino the player will get a 100% match on his or her deposit up to $1,000 and can do this 20 times in a row. Of course, if you deposit $1,000 you will get the same amount in addition to your deposit as real free casino money, which you can withdraw after meeting the wagering requirement, but you will not simply be given $20,000 to play with. New casino players must understand that the free online casino money do come as a percentage of the deposit they make. A lot of folks simply see that the online casino is offering $555 free and think that they will get the money for simply joining the internet casino.

 This doesn't mean that the casino bonus is a bad thing or should be avoided. In essence, this is actually free online casino money and should not be passed. Look at it this way - if you walk in your local offline casino and go to the cashier and tell them "I plan on gambling $1,000 tonight at your fine establishment and would like you to give me another $1,000 to play with" they will simply laugh in your face. But the online casinos will not only let you double (or more) your money right off the bat, but encourage and advertise it. After all, it's one of their sharpest tools to attract new customers.

 Which brings us to our next point - the wagering requirements of the free online casino money. Every time you take advantage of the great bonus offers the online casinos make available to you, wagering requirements must be met before the free online casino money can be withdrawn by you. If the internet casinos simply gave you $1,000 bonus - every smart person will simply withdraw the money and move to the next casino. Doesn't make much of a financial since for the online casinos to do that, now, does it?

 Here is when the wagering requirements come into play. The online casino will give you the free money, but will require you to prove that you are indeed a real player rather than just trying to cheat the casino. So the internet casino requires you to make wagers up to certain amount before you can take the bonus (and the rest of your winnings) home. For example, if you get a $1K bonus the casino may ask that you place wagers for $10K or higher, it all depends on the specific promotion and the amount of the bonus. This, of course, doesn't mean that you have to lose $10,000, but that you have to wager that amount. For example, you can play a $10/spin slots and after you spin the reels 1,000 times your wagering requirements will be met and you can actually withdraw your free online casino money and the rest of your winnings.

 Some people may view this as a burden, but it's actually great for the player. For one, it encourages the gamblers to play higher coins and we all know that the more you bet at the slots the higher the payouts become. In addition, you may be reluctant to play a $10 slot with $500, but if you get another $500 in free casino money - why not? it would be just as if you were playing a $5 slot, but your chances of hitting big win are now greater, since your are playing with higher denomination. That's why players should not only take advantage of the free online casino money, but also look for the online casinos with the big welcome bonuses. Just make sure you understand how to get the free money at the online casinos and what your wagering requirements are. You can check the later by reading the bonus offer terms and conditions at the online casino.

 Published on 02/11/2010

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