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High roller online casino: Guide to high roller casinos

 One of the subjects we haven't covered in a while in the online gambling industry is the high roller online casinos and the need for a quick guide to finding the best high roller casino for those players betting big is in order. There are plenty of players who play big and like winning big, but as many of you may have found out - not all online casinos are high roller friendly. Below we have listed a few great online casinos which would be the perfect match for any high roller. They offer big bonuses on big deposits and allow players to wager large bets on almost all casino games. And considering that the bigger you bet the more you can win - those high roller online casinos are very experienced with dealing with large payouts stemming from the high rollers' winnings. Let's waste no time and see which are the best high roller online casinos at this time.

 When we list the high roller online casinos we certainly must start with Go Casino (official link). This online casino, ran by one of the most reputable online gambling companies and utilizing the Vegas Tech gambling software, offers the high rollers up to $20,000 in free casino bonuses. Divided into 20 consecutive promotions, players who deposit $1,000 or more will be able to double their money right away (up to a grand each time). This is certainly the best and biggest bonus offer from the high-roller online casinos and one that can easily accumulate to $20K in free money without even playing. The stakes at most of the casino games are also high roller friendly, for example, while most online casinos have set the blackjack wager limit to $200, players here can bet as high as $500 per hand, making Go Casino the leader among the high roller online casinos on the Internet today. And considering this is a very reputable and honest online casino company - your big winnings are safe and will be paid without fuss. The large bonus and the high wagering limits easily rank this online casino as the leader among the high rollers.

 Another great high roller online casino using the Vegas Tech software is the Online Vegas (official link) casino. The bonus offer here is just $5,000 for the high-rollers and although is nowhere near the free money you can get with GoCasino, compared with the regular online casinos which offer around $500, you still get a great deal. The offer is divided into 10 consecutive bonuses of up to $1000 each, but the last one is 200% of your deposit, which is an easy way to triple your money. Granted the bonus is not as important to the high roller as the table limits are - at Online Vegas you can also enjoy the high roller status on the table games by wagering amounts way bigger than a regular online casino will allow you to. Bet up to $500 per hand on the blackjack table or at a few selected multi-reel slots and don't worry about your winnings - they will be paid on time. Depositing large amounts here may be a little iffy, but the customer service will work with you should the need for depositing assistance arise. Online Vegas is indeed a great choice for a high roller online casino and a top gambling company to work with.

 And finally we will take a look at one of the few RTG online casinos which are suitable for high rollers - Bodog Casino (official link). Many of you are probably already familiar with this online casino considering it just celebrated its 15th year in the online gambling industry, but because this casino just began welcoming Canadian players (US players have always been at home here), we must mention Bodog when we talk about high roller casinos. Players here get 10% bonus on every deposit they make, but the fact that there is no limit on your bonus amount makes this gambling website one of our favorites when it comes to high-roller gambling. It also allows very large wagers, up to $1,000 per blackjack hand the last time we checked and is easily one of the most stable online casino firms out there. The casino management also knows how to take car of its high rollers - you will not be disappointed! Knowing that this online casino has been around more than anyone else is a guarantee enough for the quality of service high rollers and regular players are set to expect from this gambling company.

 Published on 09/09/2009

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