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Highest paying online casinos: Find the highest paying casino

 It's no secret that the smart gamblers are looking for the highest paying online casinos to improve their odds of coming out a winner from the online casino, but it's a real secret which are the highest paying casinos online these days. There are many factors that would make a casino one of the highest paying and below we will review them and suggest some of the highest paying online casinos. Once you have chosen the points that matter to you most - simply click on the link to visit the official website of the online casino and check it out.

 Among the factors mentioned above, the major one is without doubt, your favorite game. There are many different online casino but one thing remains the same - the payout percentage is still set by the casino management, thus even though two online casinos may use the same gambling software, their payout odds could be very, very different. With this in mind, some online casinos prefer to be known for loose slots, while others focus on the table games, all while a third casino may decide to be known for their high paying video poker games. One thing is for certain - there is not a single online casino that would offer extremely loose odds on all of their games, otherwise they will simply go out f business. Therefore for the highest paying online casinos we have arranged them by casino game.

 Highest paying online casinos for slots - The slots are the most popular game at both the online casinos and at the brick-and-mortar casinos. They are simple to learn and play and require no prior knowledge of gambling at all. In addition, the introduction of the 5-reel bonus + free spins slots has greatly increased the possible payout one can get from a single small bet. For all these reasons, the majority of the players will be looking for the highest paying online casino for slots, therefore we recommend two online casinos, both offering some of the highest slots payouts available among the online gambling websites. The highest paying online casinos, when it comes to video slots, are without question the Bodog Online Casino and the Go Casino. Both of these casinos have set as their goal to be known for very loose slots - often people will deposit a few hundred dollars and come out a few thousand just a couple of hours playing the slots at these two casinos. In addition to the 97%+ payout percentage on their slots, these online casinos are well known in the gambling industry and have built a clean reputation over the years. Not only your chances of striking big wins while playing the online slots are greatly increased, but you will also have the peace of mind that your wins will be paid out in a timely fashion. That's why their are our top choice for the highest slots paying online casinos.

 Highest paying online casino for blackjack - The blackjack is yet another very popular casino game, although coming second behind the slots. Still, there are millions of fans of this table game throughout the world and ones chances of winning are better when playing blackjack thanks to the low house edge this gambling game offers. So for those who are looking to make a few quick bets on the blackjack table or those with strategy alike, the best pace to go online is the Vegas Casino Online. Big table limits and better than average odds to win make the blackjack tables at this virtual casino the best choice for the beginner and the pro alike. Considering that the odds of winning at blackjack are usually close to 100, here the blackjack tables easily go over the 100% payout percentage. But don't be confused - this doesn't mean that everyone will win all the time, rather that there is greater chance one could hit one of those lovely strikes of luck when playing the 21.

 And finally, we would like to touch upon the video poker payouts subject with the highest paying online casino for the vid poker fans. For those who like to play the many variations for the video poker machines, including the multi-hand versions, the SlotoCash online casino is the best choice. Surprisingly enough, this online casino which is built around the many slots it offers, has some of the highest payout percentage for its video poker games, especially the multi-hand versions, which offer payouts as high as 5000 times your bet. At this online casino you will find not only every style of video poker you can think of, but also some of the highest payouts for this game on the Internet. And this concludes our list of the highest paying online casinos, good luck to all players.

 Published on 01/04/2010

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