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Freaky New Online Slot Machines Available at Online Casinos

Freaky New Online Slot Machines Available at Online Casinos Part of the Freaky Series of slot machines invented and manufactured by CTXM is a series of games that have a little bit of a freaky side. Fun, creative and a little strange these new slot games have a new addition called Freaky Cowboys. This is a westerner themed slot game which was inspired by its sister slot, Freaky Wild West! The features in this freaky western style themed slot range from a strange banker, a fat bank guard and unpleasant looking cowboys, these characters are comical and the animation is fantastic. As an example of the funny antics found in the freaky slot game involves a cowboy and a gopher, the cowboy is trying to plug up a whole that the gopher wants open and the gopher keeps winning the struggle between the two. This is a very entertaining slot machine and keeps you laughing and enjoying yourself throughout your game play.

There is a $5000 coin jackpot that can be won by hitting five “banker” symbols in one spin. The amount of your win will depend on the coin size you are wagering in at the time of the coin jackpot hit. There is a wild symbol in Freaky Cowboys and it’s represented by the Sheriff’s badge. Freaky Cowboy is a five reel, 30-pay line video slot machine that offers a coin range from 5 cents per line spin to $5 per line spin, so all types of slot lovers can afford to play this fun and comical slot. One of its best features besides the comical theme is the featured bonus round. By hitting three or more “Bank Bonus Logo” symbols, you will activate the featured bonus round where you will “Shoot for Loot”! The goal of this bonus round is to stop as many bank robbers as you can from robbing the bank blind! You are given a limited amount of ammunition and you use your mouse as the crosshair targeting system. The more robbers you eliminate the higher bonus will be. Freaky Cowboys is an explosively entertaining slot machine that mixes laughs with money and that is a fun night at the slot machines. Other symbols in Freaky Cowboys include ‘cowboy hats, lassos, cowboy boots, pistols and of course moneybags. If you’re inching for a new type of slot to try your luck, this may be one of the best newest releases out to date.

The Freaky series of slot machines can only be found at a small selection of online casinos so to find one that is reputable, like Bodog Casino you should always search online at popular online gaming websites or gambling forums where other online gamblers discuss new games, good casinos and which casinos to avoid for shady reasons. The casinos represented here at are top of the line and trusted, safe and secure.

 Published on 09/28/2011

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