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UK online gambling report

There are some good news and some bad news for our industry. Recent study by XTN Data shows that overall people who place wagers on the internet spend much more than those who bet on the phone or in person at the bookmakers, and online sports betting is becoming the most common method for placing a wager on sports events. In UK horse betting was the #1 betting even followed by soccer.

The same could be said of the online casinos - people play online more and bet more money at the online casinos than at the offline ones, however, they would prefer to play online at those casinos which have strong offline brands, such as William Hill, and only one of the top five online casinos in UK is a solely online one.

As a sad comes the news that most people who play online do not know how to play games such as video poker. Also bad news is that 65% of people think that the industry does too little to prevent problem gambling, as well as underage gambling.




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