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Video Poker: Play video poker online

 How to play video poker.

 Video poker is one of the simplest casino games. And despite its many variations the rules are pretty much the same for every game of video poker. The point of the game is to get a winning combination of cards. The winning combinations should be listed at the top of the game screen and are usually the same as in regular poker (i.e. Full House, Flush, Two Pairs). First, you choose your bet, and then your "deal". You are dealt 5 cards and you have the option to "hold" (keep) any cards which you think have the chance of getting a winning combination. Then you deal again, and the cards which you have not been hold are replaced with new ones. If after that you have a winning combination - you win the amount for that combination.

 For example, if on the first deal you have:

Ace Hearts, Ace Spades, King Spades, 3 Spades, 9 Spades

 you can either hold the two Aces for a four of a kind, or hold the spades for a flush.

 Some variations have a Joker which substitutes for any card.

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