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Halo 3 sales numbers to break all records

The sales figures of the Xbox360 video game "Halo 3" are expected to break all sales records.

Halo 3 sales numbers to break all records Earlier this week Microsoft predicted the sales of their "Halo 3" game will "shatter entertainment sales records" and if the estimates are correct, it's a done deal. Halo 3 comes in three different editions, each of them with its own price: the standard edition is $60, the Limited Edition is $70, and the Legendary Edition, which comes with extra material such as a behind-the-scenes look of how the game was made, is $130.

 As the sales numbers are coming in, Xbox 360 exclusive game has sold through 1.8 million copies during the first 8 hours of release. That is with 1.5 million copies pre-ordered by gamers and another 300,000 sold off the shelf. Some estimates are predicting another 1 million copies to be sold in to bring the total 24-hour number at 2.5 million. Microsoft is estimating that the total sales of Halo 3 will bring in almost $200 million in the first 24 hours, making it number one in any form of entertainment’s top “one day sales”. These sales will certainly beat the previous record set by Halo 2 at $125 million in the first day.

 Meanwhile, the British fans of Halo 3 will be paying almost twice as much for a copy of Halo 3 as those in the U.S. The recommended retail price in the U.K. for the basic edition of Halo 3 is £49.99, compared to about £30 ($60) in the USA. The Limited Edition of Halo 3 in the U.K. goes for £59.99 and the Legendary will cost the Britons £89.99.

 Published on 09/25/2007

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