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Eva Longoria sex tape with Tony Parker allegedly on the Internet

The latest celebrity rumor is about "Eva Longoria sex tape" with husband Tony Parker allegedly stolen from the couple.

Eva Longoria sex tape with Tony Parker allegedly on the Internet It remains unknown at this time if the "Eva Longoria sex tape" is just another hoax or if its the real deal, but the rumors are circulating all over the Internet. According to reports, the sex tape of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker could be viewed on some adult pay-per-view websites and the hook is that the tape was stolen from the couple. The Desperate Housewives beauty Longoria and her NBA star husband Tony Parker video is rumored to be quite saucy and worth paying for, as a sales pitch claims.

 There are no free previews of the Eva Longoria sex tape just yet on the video-sharing websites. If the "Eva Longoria sex tape" turns out to be true - it would easily top the charts for the most popular celebrity private video, beating classics such as Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. For now, however, it is assumed that the Eva Longoria sex tape is just a hoax, similar to the recent one about Meg White.

 Published on 10/01/2007

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