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Florida vs. LSU and Ohio St vs. Purdue top the betting charts

On Saturday the college football games Florida vs. LSU and Ohio St vs. Purdue became the most betting events of the day.

Florida vs. LSU and Ohio St vs. Purdue top the betting charts Not surprisingly, the sporting events most wagered on Saturday are the college football games. According to the betting website Bookmaker and their top 10 list of betting events, the Week 6 college football game between the No.9 ranked Florida (4-1) and the No.1 LSU (5-0) saw the most action from bettors worldwide. The #1 favorite pick was LSU to win the game, but you may be surprised to learn that the second most bet on event was that Florida will beat LSU. Thirty minutes before the Florida vs. LSU game, the odds on LSU to win were -290 and Florida was underdog +240. The point spread favored LSU -7 points, a small change from the Monday posted -8.5 points chalk LSU.

 Third most bet on event was that Ohio State (5-0) will beat the hosting Purdue (5-0). Considering that both teams are 5-0 and that Purdue will have the home advantage, it was a shock that bets on Purdue did not make the top 10 list at Bookmaker at all. Ohio State is favorite to win with odds -260 and Purdue are listed with odds +220. The point spread for the Ohio State vs. Purdue game half an hour before the game was favoring Ohio State -6.5 points, no change from the Monday posted spread.

 Other college football games from Week 6 which made the top 10 list of most betting events at Bookmaker were: #5 Cinncinati @ Rutgers (Favorite pick is CINCINNATI U); #6 Cinncinati @ Rutgers (Favorite pick is RUTGERS); #7 Virginia Tech @ Clemson (favorite pick is CLEMSON); #8 Nebraska @ Missouri (favorite pick is MISSOURI) and #10 was Notre Dame @ UCLA with favorite pick NOTRE DAME.

 Published on 10/06/2007

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