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Seattle at Pittsburgh, Jets vs. Giants top betting events on Sunday

With most of the football games under way, we look at which sports events took the most bets this Sunday.

 Almost all of the football games from Week 5 have already started and we take this opportunity to inform our readers which turned out to be the most betting events this Sunday. According to the online sportsbook the number one betting event this Sunday was the football game between Seattle Seahawks (3-1) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1). But the surprise comes when we learn that the favorite pick was actually the underdog and visiting team of Seattle. Bookmaker had listed the Seahawks underdog with odds +220, compared with the Steelers with odds -260 and it turns out that more people believe that the Seahawks will be the team to reach 4-1 before the Steelers. The point spread on the Seahawks vs. the Steelers also got plenty of action, Pittsburgh were -6 points against the spread at the odds maker.

 Number two in the top 10 betting chart was the NFL game between the NY Jets vs. the NY Giants. There were no surprises in the wagers for this game - the Giants were the favorite pick of the bettors. The odds on the New York Giants to win the game were posted at -200 and the Jets held a money line of +170. The point spread favored the Giants -3.5 points. Other top betting games include at #3 Arizona at St. Louis, with the Cardinals being the favorite pick, at #4 the bettors chose the New Orleans Saints over the visiting Carolina Panthers and at No. 5 was the NFL game between Cleveland and the Patriots, Cleveland, however, took more bets than the New England Patriots.

 Published on 10/07/2007

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