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Montel Williams weds Tara Fowler in Bermuda

Montel Williams finally tied the knot with Tara Fowler on Saturday.

Montel Williams weds Tara Fowler in Bermuda The popular talk-show host Montel Williams married his fianc√© Tara Fowler in Bermuda on Sunday. The wedding was held in a private beach on the beautiful island in front of a small gathering of friends. The couple's black poodle "Mr.Max" was the ring bearer. Montel Williams and Tara Fowler have been engaged since 2006 and this will be first marriage for Tara Fowler, while third for Montel Williams. He has four children from his marriages prior to Tara Fowler - three daughters and a son. Montel proposed to Tara Flower, who works as a flight attendant for AA, in July of 2006 in front of both his and Tara's families.

 "A key to any successful marriage is that you've got to have friends, you've got to have family to support that union. And from day one we've had family and friends together that support this," Montel said before the wedding. Montel and Tara Flower took the guests for a little cruise before the wedding on a 100ft yacht, as part of the "pre-wedding entertainment package" and soon after the two exchanged the vows.

 Published on 10/08/2007

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