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Bobby Brown denies heart attack, says regular check-up

The notorious singer Bobby Brown denied earlier information about a heart attack.

Bobby Brown denies heart attack, says regular check-up On Wednesday Bobby Brown denied that he had suffered a mild heart attack, contrary on the previous comments by Phaedra Parks, his Atlanta based attorney. Parks said earlier that Bobby Brown suffered a mild attack on Tuesday night and had to be take to two California hospitals. The attorney told reporters that "stress and diet" were the cause for the singer's heart attack, but doctors released him on good condition. The entertainment website TMZ went as far as saying that Bobby Brown recorded a message for his family, if things went south.

 Later that day Bobby Brown told the Associated Press that he went to the hospital for a simple check-up and had nothing to do with a heart attack. "I don't know where the heart attack thing came from," Bobby Brown told AP. He claims that after hearing the rumors about his heart attack he had to speak to the media and assured fans that the doctors gave him "a clean bill of health." Brown said that the reason he went to the hospital was for a check-up before his upcoming tour, which will start this Saturday in Los Angeles.

 Published on 10/11/2007

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