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Tennessee, New England and Cincinnati top bets for Week 6

The NFL Week 6 games are on and we will look at the top betting events this Sunday.

Tennessee, New England and Cincinnati top bets for Week 6 Most of the Week 6 football games have already started and we will look at which NFL teams made the top betting charts this weekend. According to the top 10 betting events for Sunday at the online sportsbook Bookmaker, the game between the Tennessee Titans and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took the most action this weekend. When we posted the odds for that game earlier this week, the Tennessee Titans were underdog with odds +135 and it seems most of the bettors decided to cash in on this line and the No.1 favorite pick this Sunday is the Titans to beat the Buccaneers. The point spread on the Titians vs. Buccaneers was posted at -3 chalk Tampa Bay.

 Not surprisingly, the football game between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys came as the second most bet on event. The biggest chunk of bets went to the Patriots, who were listed as the favorite with odds -245 and the point spread favored New England -5 points on Tuesday. On third place at Bookmaker's top 10 sports betting events is the matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, with bettors banking on the Bengals -150 odds to win. The point spread was -3 chalk Cincinnati on Wednesday.

 Other NFL Week 6 games which made the top 10 list at Bookmaker:

Philadelphia vs. the NY Jets with favorite pick Eagles;
Washington at Green Bay - the Redskins were the favorite pick;
Minnesota at Chicago, the Bears taking most of the bets;
Miami at Cleveland and the favorite pick was Cleveland;
Green Bay favorite to win against the Redskins at eight place;
On No.9 was Minnesota as the favorite pick against the Bears;
And the Dolphins as the favorite to win against the Browns;

 Published on 10/14/2007

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