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Ellen DeGeneres dog troubles with Mutts and Moms

The always happy Ellen DeGeneres cries emotionally on her show over troubles with her pooch.

Ellen DeGeneres dog troubles with Mutts and Moms Sometimes bureaucracy takes over the idea and no one wins. This was the result with the popular talk-show star Ellen DeGeneres and her recently adopted dog Iggy. Ellen and her girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, adopted the Brussels-Griffon mix in September from a dog adoption agency called "Mutts and Moms", but unfortunately Iggy and Ellen's cats didn't see eye-to-eye and DeGeneres gave the dog to her hairdresser and her two kids to make Iggy part of their family.

 However, the hand-off didn't please the Mutts and Moms agency, who sent out a representative from the organization to take away the pooch from the hairdresser. The reason - Ellen DeGeneres failed to notify the agency about the hand-off! Can you believe that? There are no accusations of bad treatment of the dog, but an agency, which sole purpose is to find good homes for the dogs, went as far as calling the cops to help them take the dog away from Ellen's hairdresser's home. And we are talking about Ellen DeGeneres here, who do you think she gave the dog to, Michael Vick?

 Troubled by the Mutts and Moms stance on the issue, Ellen DeGeneres went public on her Monday show and in tears explained the entire situation to her audience.

 Published on 10/16/2007

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