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Colorado Rockies World Series ticket demand crashes computers

The Colorado Rockies have suspended sale of World Series tickets against Boston Red Sox after demand crashed their computer system.

Colorado Rockies World Series ticket demand crashes computers The Colorado Rockies and their fans are cheering the advancement of their team to the World Series, but the sale of tickets for the big game was suspended, after the enormous demand crashed down the computer system, upsetting thousands of fans who couldn't get them. According to the Rockies, who put up 60,000 tickets for online sale on Monday, the demand for them caused the system to simply shut down. There is no word on when the World Series tickets will be back on the virtual shelf.

 Event though the Rockies limited sales to only 4 per person per game, but many remain disappointed. Season ticket holders were lucky and had the chance to purchase World Series tickets last week. The rest of the fans will have to wait until the system gets back online. The first game of the World Series between the Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox starts this Thursday in Boston an the sportsbooks were quick to post betting odds on the game. At Bookmaker the Red Sox are favorite to win the game on Thursday with odds -210 and the Rockies are underdog at +195. Totals score is sitting at 8.5 and and the runline favors the Red Sox -1.5 and pays out EVEN.

 Published on 10/22/2007

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