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2007 World Hamburger Eating Championship odds

The odds on winning the 2007 World Hamburger Eating Championship sponsored by Krystal.

2007 World Hamburger Eating Championship odds It's not all about hotdogs and chicken wings. the 2007 World Hamburger Eating Championship is taking place today and you will be able to watch it live on ESPN 2, check your local listings. Betting odds on the hamburger eating contest are of course posted at Bodog Sports (new window) and the favorite to eat his way through the victory is the well-known Joey "Jaws" Chestnut with odds 11/10. Chestnut won the hotdog eating title earlier this year and he will come twice as strong and hungry on the hamburgers. Joey Chestnut had the chance to win the Hamburger Eating Championship in 2005, coming out as a rookie in the burger scene and leading in the first seven minutes, but the undefeated hamburger champ Takeru Kobayashi set a new record with 97 Krystals in eight minutes. Joey Chestnut also set a personal record last year with 91 burgers.

 Here are some other hamburger-eating machines and their odds at Bodog Sports: Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti 5/2, Tim "Eater X" Janus - 5/1, "Humble Bob" Shoudt - 8/1 and Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas 10/1. The odds on someone eating more than 100 hamburgers this year are +500 and the total of burgers eaten by the top three finishers is set at 249.5 Krystals.

 Published on 10/28/2007

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