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College Football Polls: AP Top 25 and BCS Standings after Week 9

After the Week 9 games Ohio State still tops the college football polls, Oregon moves up on AP Top 25 and the BCS Standings.

College Football Polls: AP Top 25 and BCS Standings after Week 9 No surprises again in the college football polls and rankings after Week 9. Let's start with the BCS Standings this week. To no surprise the computers have once against placed Ohio State as the No.1 team in the BCS Standings and Boston College keeps its second spot. LSU is third and Arizona State fourth. There is no movement for Oregon on the BCS Standings and they remain 5th. Here are the rest of the college teams at the Week 9 BCS Standings: 6. Oklahoma; 7. West Virginia; 8. Kansas; 9. Missouri; 10. Georgia ; 11. Virginia Tech; 12. Michigan; 13. Connecticut; 14. Hawaii; 15. Texas; 16. Auburn; 17. Alabama; 18. South Florida; 19. USC; 20. Florida; 21. Wisconsin ; 22. Boise State; 23. Virginia; 24. Wake Forest; 25. Clemson.

 In the AP Top 25 college football poll, the top three teams remain the same, Ohio State is at number one, Boston College is at No.2 and third LSU keep their third position. Oregon moved a spot up to the 4th after winning against USC and Oklahoma lost a position down to No.5. Penn State are out of the poll after losing badly to Ohio State on Saturday and Connecticut joined the ranking for the first time ever. Here are the rest of the teams on the Week 9 AP Top 25 poll: 6. Arizona State; 7. West Virginia; 8. Kansas ; 9. Missouri; 10. Georgia; 11. Virginia Tech; 12. Hawaii; 13. USC ; 14. Texas; 15. Michigan; 16. Connecticut; 17. Alabama; 18. Florida; 19. Auburn; 20. South Florida; 21. Wake Forest; 21. Boise State; 23. South Carolina; 24. Tennessee; 25. Clemson.

 Published on 10/28/2007

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