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Rick Tocchet out of NHL at least until February

Phoenix Coyotes' assistant coach Rick Tocchet out of NHL until February, after gambling scandal.

Rick Tocchet out of NHL at least until February The Phoenix Coyotes' assistant coach, Rick Tocchet, won't be back in the NHL at least until February 7th of 2008, said commissioner Gary Bettman, provided he meets certain conditions. "I remain concerned as to whether Mr. Tocchet is adequately sensitive to the seriousness of the admitted misconduct, especially in the context of his role as a highly visible and prominent employee in a professional sports league," said Bettman. The probable reason for the commissioner's disappointment is the participation of Rick Tocchet at the 2007 Worlds Series of Poker, while awaiting sentencing for organizing an illegal gambling operation. Although Tocchet left the poker tournament after Day 1 (and the poker tournament its' not illegal), it was a very bad publicity for the Coyotes' assistant coach and the NHL.

 Rick Tocchet was sentenced to two years probation for his part in the illegal sports betting operation and his accomplice, former NJ state trooper James Harney, got 5 years in jail. To read more about the Tocchet gambling scandal, follow the links below.

 Published on 11/03/2007

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