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Patriots vs. Colts: Bet online with caution

A warning to the online betting patrons all over the world this weekend for the New England Patriots vs. the Indianapolis Colts.

Patriots vs. Colts: Bet online with caution Before the big game between the Pats and the Colts starts, we would like to give the online bettors all over the world a quick warning. If you decide to bet online on the Patriots vs. Colts - be careful where you do it. We cannot stress this enough. This game is about to collect as many wagers as the Super Bowl and every sportsbook is listing the Patriots favorite by odds and spread. Although the bigger portion of the bets go to the New England Patriots, there is a healthy chunk of wagers placed on the Indianapolis Colts. Let's not forget that the Colts are the 2007 Super Bowl winner and are holing strong this year, unlike the Bears.

 Bet online on the Patriots vs. Colts with caution this weekend! It doesn't matter where you live or which sportsbook you usually bet with. If you are going to join in on the action this week, do it either at Bodog Sports ( Pats -6 points favorite against the spread) or at Bookmaker (Patriots -5.5 chalk). Here is why - These two bookies have been around for years and are the most reputable establishments on the web for placing bets on sporting events. These two online sportsbooks always pay and you will hardly see a complaint of any kind. Depositing at Bodog Sports is easier, withdrawals at Bookmaker are faster.

 There are plenty of fake online sportsbooks out there. Those are the kind of websites, which will take your money and either disappear in a few months or simply won't pay any winnings. And then there are small and honest establishments, who unfortunately won't be able to handle the money if the Colts beat the Patriots on Sunday or even if the Pats win, just because of the enormous number of bets placed on that game worldwide. Millions of dollars will be bet on the New England vs. Indianapolis and if you don't wager on this game at the two bookmakers we listed - you run a good chance of not seeing your money or wait for months for a payout. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter if some other website has recommended you another online betting site - most of them simply pay for advertisement and most websites would care less where they send you, as long as they get paid.

 If you live anywhere but in the U.K., Bodog and Bookmaker are your bets bet. For the U.K. we recommend Bet365, who offers £100 free bonus for new players, live betting on the Patriots vs. Colts will be available to all Britons, as well as handicapping, first score bets and many more.

 Published on 11/03/2007

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