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X Factor: Hope stays, Futureproof voted off the show

Futureproof was send home after a head-to-head battle with Hope, Emily Nakanda withdraws from X Factor.

X Factor: Hope stays, Futureproof voted off the show Futureproof was voted off the "X Factor" yesterday against Hope, after both groups ended up at the bottom of the show and one of them had to go. Futureproof did the Andy Williams song "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" and Hope performed Madonna "Hanky Panky". Hope and Futureproof are mentored by Simon Cowell and it was down to him to decide who's going home, after Dannii Minogue voted against Hope, and Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne voted against Futureproof.

 Cowell said that Hope had more long-term potential and chose the girl band over the boy band. "I'm going to make this decision on who I think has the best long-term potential, because I'm not going to judge it on tonight's performance. I'm going to send home Futureproof," said Simon Cowell sending the group with the best odds to win home.

 Meanwhile 15-year-old Emily Nakanda withdrew from the X Factor after a mobile phone video appeared, which showed Emily attacking another girl. X Factor producers have carried a full investigation of the incident, which led to Emily Nakanda withdrawing from the show and her family publicly apologized for Emily's behavior.

 Following the latest developments, the U.K. licensed online bookmaker Bet365 has adjusted the odds on the X Factor winners:
Rhydian Roberts 6/4
Niki Evans 5/2
Hope 5/1
Leon Jackson 7/1
Beverley Trottman 10/1
Same Difference 14/1
Andy Williams 25/1
Alisha Bennett 35/1

 Published on 11/04/2007

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