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Poker game leads to murder in New York

Former professor shot to death in a robbery during a poker game in Manhattan.

Poker game leads to murder in New York Frank DeSena, former professor and mathematician, was shot and killed during a robbery of a poker game in New York on Friday. According to reports, the poker game took place in a building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and mostly middle-class people participated in the poker games spread around a dozen tables. There was a guard in the lobby, but this did not help on Fridays night, when a few men in ski masks entered the building armed with guns to rob the poker players. There was a gunshot and DeSena was struck in the torso and later pronounced dead at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Some reports claim that over $100,000 was stolen from the poker players, but the number has not been confirmed by the local police. 

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 The legality of the poker games is under question - it's not illegal to play poker for money, but organizing it is and some claim that “It’s like Atlantic City up there.” According to participants, the house charged $5 per half an hour of play and pots ranged from a couple of hundred to a few thousands. It's unclear who was organizing the poker games.

 Published on 11/04/2007

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