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Online casinos industry in for a shake up?

A recent release about online casinos out of Coral Springs, Florida has announced a new acquisition agreement in the online casinos industry.

Some articles and media portrayals of online casinos and the online casinos industry in recent weeks and months have been in a negative light. Online casinos are floated as new stocks on the London Stock Exchange, and investors say the industry will soon burst. Online casinos are a bubble, detractors say. Online casinos should be regulated, others argue. Online casinos are illegal, some maintain. Online casinos lead to gambling addiction, and debt, and bankruptcy. Online casinos are great places for terrorists to launder money. Why all of this negativity?

Nevertheless, despite the negative publicity attributed to online casinos in the media, recent news about online casinos profiting as well as new mergers and acquisitions in the marketplace, and new technologies and promotions, paint online casinos in a more favorable light.

The online casinos industry is a $15 billion industry which could become over $25 billion by the end of this decade and thus there are many mergers and acquisitions in the competitive industry’s future.

FSBO Media Holdings, Inc. for example recently acquired Voyage Media LLC and its proprietary interactive "Texas Holdem" online poker technology. "Texas Holdem Real Deal" gaming utilizes a real dealer, in a real casino environment dealing real cards. The visual and physical sensations of playing against other online gamers with actual cards dealt by an actual dealer creates a casino environment and so gives a real sense of comfort and undeniable confidence as the player can see first hand a dealer shuffling and dealing out actual cards resulting in actual, true to life gaming odds. Kevin Upton, Voyage's managing director, said, "The real question to be asked is, given that all other things are equal, would you rather play with computer randomly generated, animated projections of cards or real cards dealt by a real dealer with no artificial randomness or intervention. The answer inevitably is the latter. This will increase the overall market potential by bringing new players to the table and at the same time open up a whole new cross section of potential gamers who do not play now simply because they lack the confidence in the available systems."
The firm’s management believes the "Texas Holdem Real Deal" interactive poker system will capture a significant market share of online poker with this cutting edge software and technology. "Texas Holdem Real Deal" technology could support a migration of players seeking a higher level of game validation through the sense of reality afforded by the "Texas Holdem Real Deal System." The technology could support and revamp the whole online poker industry. The explosive international popularity of poker and the excitement of the game that the world is watching on television and playing on the Internet has created a multibillion dollar industry.
Internet gambling is the fastest growing segment of the gaming industry and continues to get bigger.




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