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Chargers upset the Colts, Manning breaks record

The San Diego Chargers hand down the biggest upset in NFL Week 10 by beating the Indianapolis Colts 21-23.

Chargers upset the Colts, Manning breaks record Who would've thought that just a week after the Colts took part in a game dubbed the "unofficial Super Bowl" they will find themselves trailing 23 points behind the San Diego Chargers. But it's a fact and although the Colts did everything they could, a missed field goal in the last minute helped the Chargers hold on to the lead and beat the Colts 21-23. To add insult to injury, the Colts quarterback Payton Manning is now the team record holder by interceptions - 6 in a game. And the San Diego Chargers are now atop of the AFC West with 5-4 record, while the Indianapolis Colts (7-2) will have plenty to discuss this week. Sure, you can blame Adam Vinatieri for missing a 29-yard field goal, it's his job after all, but the rest of the team should have never allowed the Chargers to take a 23-point lead.

 But it was just one of those crazy weekends, when the common sense was simply gone and left the bookies all over the world rub their hands and count the money. Most bookmakers sweetened the Colts - Chargers game by offering -4 point spread chalk the Colts and the bettors took it, and made this match-up the most bet on event this weekend, with over 95% of the patrons betting on the Colts to cover the spread and beat the Chargers. Diehard Chargers fans and a few owners of crystal balls bet on San Diego, but their number wasn't big enough to eve scratch the bookies' pockets. Next week the Colts will play the Chiefs and the Chargers are going to Jacksonville.

 Published on 11/12/2007

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