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Bodog online casino owner enjoys rebound

Calvin Ayre, owner of the popular online casino and gambling website Bodog Life, enjoys a rebound in domain value.

Bodog online casino owner enjoys rebound Patent trolls created one of the biggest controversies in the online gambling industry by snatching the domain name "" with the help of the U.S. Courts, right out of the hands of owner Calvin Ayre, using a patent infringement case to take the valuable domain, along with a few others, part of the entertainment package offered by Bodog. The online gambling firm was quick to move the online casino and the rest of the services to a new domain name: and the owner of the Bodog brand, Calvin Ayre, has posted on his blog "...2.5 months of having all of Bodog's old domains black holed by the Patent Trolls over at 1st Technologies, domain evaluation experts say Bodog's original domains have lost over 75% of their value, while the new Bodoglife domain is now worth over $1 million dollars and climbing."

 According to Ayre, when the domain name was snatched, it was appraised for $692,580 and as of November 14th the domain was worth $264,930. Is the domain really worth $260,000+? Not really - without the online casino, poker and betting services behind it - there is really nothing to Bogod but the occasional type-in traffic and forgotten old ad-banners. Patent trolls: 0 - Bodog online casino: 1.

 Published on 11/21/2007

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