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Online casino asks the ladies: Discover your game

An online casino suggests women the games they would enjoy more, based on their personalities.

Online casino asks the ladies: Discover your game An online casino has added a feature, which is not only original, but fun as well. The internet casino Bodog (open in new window), which has enjoyed placement on our best online casinos list for quite a while, is offering their lady players a fun game to determine which casino games would be most enjoyed, depending on their personality - the analytical powerhouse, the stunning vixen or the optimistic sweetheart. Here is the outcome, according to the casino:

 The Sweetheart - she inspires those around her, taking care of everyone and everything. She puts her faith in faith and trusts the world to give her exactly what she needs. Her game is roulette. Red, black, even, odd. She makes her call and leaves it up to fate.

 The Powerhouse - Her mind is her weapon. With it, she controls every situation. Born with unwavering confidence, she dominates every challenge. Her game is blackjack. She learns its strategy and hits the tables with precision. Her game. Her way.

 The Vixen - Stunning and aggressive, she captures the room with a single glance. She lives to outdo the competition and thrives on confrontation. Her game is slots. She lives for its thrilling unpredictability. Fearless and confident, she wouldn't have it any other way.

 Published on 11/22/2007

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