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Helio Castroneves and Aliette Vazquez call it quits

Aliette Vazquez spill the beans first, then Helio Castroneves confirms there will be no marriage.

Helio Castroneves and Aliette Vazquez call it quits Was season five of Dancing with the Stars cursed or what? Even after the show was over, bad things continued to happen to the contestants. The winner of "Dancing with the Stars" Helio Castroneves has officially confirmed that he and fiancée Aliette Vazquez have split up. "I haven't talked to him in two months. I am devastated. I came out for the first episode of Dancing and haven't seen him since," Aliette Vazquez told the satellite radio show "Yo on E!", starting a mudslide of rumors.

 But this time it turns out it's true and Helio Castroneves officially confirmed the breakup to E!: "I can confirm that Aliette Vazquez and I have called off our engagement and are no longer together. At this time, I would prefer to keep my private life private," said Castroneves. The rumors for a possible break-up between Helio Castroneves and Aliette Vazquez started weeks ago, when Helio decided to move the wedding date further into 2008, saying that things were happening way to fast for him.

 Published on 11/28/2007

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