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BCS Championship: Predictions, Projections, Selections

The big mess in college football for the BCS Championship game left everyone stunned, all you can do is predictions, projections and wait for the selection.

BCS Championship: Predictions, Projections, Selections "Are you kidding me?" would have been my answer if someone stated last week that both No.1 Missouri and No.2 West Virginia will lose their final games. I know we posted this scenario as a possibility in our last week's BCS Standings report, but for God's sake, it was just "statistically" possible... Missouri played No.9 Oklahoma on neutral turf, OK, there was a chance they would lose the game, but West Virginia losing to the unranked Pittsburgh at home when the BCS Championship game was at stake - are you nuts? "It was just a nightmare. The whole thing was a nightmare," was how the West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez described the loss to Pittsburgh. You got that right. And now the BCS Championship is a nightmare.

 At this point, all you can do is predictions and projections for the BCS Standings and the BCS game. It seems that a two-loss teams will meet in New Orleans on December 7th, but which two college football teams will battle for the Bowl Championship Series title remains unknown. With both Missouri and West Virginia losing the games this weekend, they will naturally drop down the BCS Standings and kiss national title berth good bye. Who's left:

 Ohio State Buckeyes didn't play last week and ended up No.3 in the BCS Standings. This week Ohio State didn't play again and as the top-rank of the BCS goes - if you play you drop, if you don't you go up, we will see the Buckeyes taking the No.1 spot. Last week's No.4 Georgia and No.5 Kansas also didn't play this week, but with Oklahoma beating Missouri and No.7 LSU winning the SEC Championship game against Tennessee, Georgia and Kansas remain questionable. Oklahoma is asking for a BCS game for beating the No.1 Missouri by 21 points. LSU are two spots ahead of Oklahoma...

 Yes, it's a mess and a big one, too. All we can do is sit, wait and see. Our prediction for the BCS game is Ohio State and LSU.

 Published on 12/02/2007

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