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Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo now officially dating?

Rumors have been circulating about Jessica Simpson dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and after the Sunday game - it doesn't get any better.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo now officially dating? Although neither has confirmed the relationship, after the Sunday game between the Cowboys and the Eagles (the game went 10-6 for the Eagles), it couldn't be more obvious that the two are dating. Jessica Simpson attended the Cowboys game on Sunday, wearing a jersey of Tony Romo and definitely wasn't cheering for the Eagles. Both stars have attempted to sneak under the radar, but with the Cowboys game, Thanksgiving dinner together and what not, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo sure are getting quite close.

 According to some reports, a person close to Jessica Simpson claims that she is getting quite serious and is ready for a commitment. Some claim that the reason Simpson is enjoying her relationship with Tony Romo is because it "upstages" the one of her ex Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo. Either way, for now Simpson and Romo seem to enjoy spending time together, a lot.

 Published on 12/16/2007

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