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Super Bowl XLII odds: Cowboys slipping, Packers up

Following the Week 15 games, the Super Bowl XLII betting odds have been adjusted.

Super Bowl XLII odds: Cowboys slipping, Packers up Following a miserable and unexpected loss at home to the Eagles 10-6, the odds on the Dallas Cowboys to win Super Bowl XLII have been drastically cut. The Super Bowl XLII betting odds at the online bookmaker Bodog Sports have now been adjusted and the Cowboys fell from 5/1 on winning the bowl game all the way down to 11/2. Dallas still remains the second favorite team to win the Super Bowl XLII, but this time the 'Boys share the same odds as the Indianapolis Colts, who won 21-14 against the Raiders on the road and have secured the playoff berth, although not the AFC South, thanks to the Jacksonville Jaguars and their victory at Pittsburgh. The Jaguars are now listed with Super Bowl XLII odds 18/1 and the Steelers are sitting at the long-shot 25/1. The Green Bay Packers come fourth in the Super Bowl XLII odds, listed at 10/1, which is a good upgrade from the last week's 12/1 on winning the 2008 Super Bowl game.

 Still, the New England Patriots are going unbeaten and are the favorite to win the Super Bowl XLII, listed with odds 5/2 at Bodog Sports. The betting odds on the San Diego Chargers are looking very good for the risk-taking bettors, the Chargers are sitting on 20/1 to win the game. Who is the biggest underdog? That would be the Carolina Panthers, who thanks to a 10-13 win at home against the Seahawks are now back in the playoff race (statistically) and are listed with odds on winning the Super Bowl XLII of 300/1, while the Seattle Seahawks were downgraded to 38/1.

 Published on 12/20/2007

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